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Cheryl Olsen- Owner Boss Wench,  Costumer, Coordinator,Acting Coach, Pub Wench  (845)706-4309 Attention Cheryl

Sig Olsen- Site Manager, OverLord, Bossman

Stephanie Cole-Vendor Coordinator,   Atten: Steph

Doug Prout- Sound & Stage-(845) 389-9173

 On Site Office Manager- Heather Crugr-Tice 

Bethann Shaw-  Advertisement Wench- (845)-633-3334

Anne Fisher- Front Gate Manager

Parking- Charles Alpaugh

Security- they know who they are..

 My Awesome Group Of Staff/Family/Friends  (Way to many to list you all..but you know who you are)without whom this festival would never have been born, Thank You!