The Story

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The Story 2023

Captain Morgan

Captain Henry Morgan was born 1635 in South Wales,England. He followed the path of his two Unlces and joined the Eng;ish Military. 

IN 1667 He was sent to Jamaica to fight the Spanish and there he became "The Rum King"

He met and married Collette La Rue' 

in 1671 they had a daughter which he trained to take over his empire at the time of his death.

He became one of the Richest and most respected Man in all Jamaica until his death in 1688

Welcome Captain

News of Captain Morgans death was heard far and wide,many have come to honor him alas some have come to stake their claim on his Empire...for few know of his Heir,Morganna La Rue, who has become a Captain in her fathers image.She has arrived to claim her birthright and to celebrate not her fathers death but his life. Will this Festival be a peaceful tribute to her father? Will she find the hidden treasure to claim his Empire? Will there be Bloodshed? Will there be Rum?  One things for sure, HERE THERE WILL BE .....PIRATES!!!

Morganna La Rue'

Morganna La Rue' born 1671 in Kingston Jamaica, trained to think and fight like a man so that one day she would inherit her fathers Empire.

in 1688 she fled Jamaica after her fathers death to search for the treasure that he told her stories of buried along the Hudson River. " Retrieve this" he said " and my Empire will be yours"

And..the Story continues...

Ahoy and welcome to HV Pirate Fest 2024:

Captain Morganna has claimed her birthright to her Father's Name Captain Morgan, She has gathered her friends from far and wide to celebrate her Year of Fortune, will all the Captains come to celebrate or will they try yrt again to take what they feel was their Right? Will the Fairy Court Play nice with the Non Fairy Folk? Will there be a Marriage? Will there be Chickens? There will be Sheep! All questions will be answered...