Chicken Strips, The Game

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Chicken Strippers- adult game

Chicken Strippers

Blindmans Bluff meets Marco Polo meets meets strip poker meets musical chairs.


1 really Big Blindfolded Cock(Rooster) with leather and feather riding crop to smack you with.

4 to 6 people at a time, take off your shoes and socks and strap on a pair of flipflops with squawking chickens on the bottom. when the music starts the Big Cock will try to find you when the music stops and  he/she screams out "CLUCK", you have to  move at least 4 steps and avoid being caught for to be caught means you lose 1 article of Clothing each time your caught., Not Jewelry! if you decide to quit, you surrender your chickens and go sit in the barn waiting to be laid..your an egg again! if you continue and are the last one standing though you may be  almost naked, you will win the Big Cock of the Barnyard award and a shot of your choice

$5.00 to enter/Paid at the pub Game starts at 8pm



  Now that the outside show is over its time  to go inside for the  Humorous Comedy Talents of the  MkKrakynn Sisters  and friends Adult Night show 9-11pm.

Here we have a Dungeon, The Pub, Erotic baked goods, Chocolates , Games and the Stuff that Only Adults are allowed to partake in