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Edward " Black Beard: Teach-Also known as "The Demon" Pirate for the sparks he placed in his beard to intimidate people - 

Bartholomew Roberts " Black Bart -  Dominick Miller- The Gentleman's Pirate, he despises men that drink Rum. His crew were only allowed to drink Tea. 

John " Calico Jack" Rackham - Flashy dresser, smart and cunning, he was the first Pirate to fly the Skull and Crossbone flag, known today as the Jolly Roger


Captain Morganna La Rue- aka Pleazure MkKrakynn aka Shelffie aka Peony Fairy- Cheryl Olsen

The Royal Fairy Court



 Queen Titania- Sasha 

Lord Oberon- Lucas Grotticelli

Grand Master Puck- Chris 

Fairies- Chicken fairy- Stephanie Cole

 Flower Fairies- Rose, Lilac, Daisy, Peony, Morning Glory etc..

Ewe Fairy (Squeeker 1-9 seller of Forever Roses and titmice Squeekers Amy Shaw

Dolpheena-  Water Fairy-Bethann Shaw Aka- Bashful Baby MkKrakynn

The MkKrakynn Pub

Stop by the Pub and say Hello to the McKrakynn Sisters that run the Pub and the Adults only Night Show!

while you're there maybe grab a pint(beer on tap), have a shot, maybe some Rum, Vodka, Whiskey,Bourbon or Grog.

We even have sweet drinks wine( white, rose, or sangria,) Hetta, Meade(special for virgin meaded drinkers)one that has never tasted meade, but is still of legal drinking age,(juices) Apple cider, Orange, Cranberry hot and Iced tea/ coffee 

* all bar drinks are by suggested donation of $5 * 

 Please remember to tip your bartender..she makes better drinks that way...lol

 *MkKrakynn Sisters Needed* to apply or inquire : mystikbazaar@gmail.com Att: MkKrakynn Sister needed